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Pink Basic Essentials Bunny Enhancer Review

January 7, 2010 7 comments

Basic Essentials Bunny Enhancer Cock Ring by Cal Exotics

This is a basic “rabbit style” cock ring. I was very interested to try it out. I commonly use a vibe during sex, but a cock ring that vibrates sounds like an awesome idea.

To use this, he attempted to put it over his cock and balls, but fit more comfortably with it on his cock only. Once it was on and secure at the base of his cock, he turned it on. I immediately touched him and I could feel the vibrations all through his shaft.

Material / Texture

The Basic Essentials Bunny Enhancer has a jelly like texture, and it is made of TPR. It is really stretchy, I could easily fit this over a soda can. The cock ring has several holes in various places where you can put the bullet vibrator.

It had a slight plastic smell, but like many toys that disappeared after washing it

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

I had high hopes for this ring, but the rabbit just did not hit my clit properly. I had to hold it in place, and that kind of defeats the purpose.
However the ring did fit my lover well, and couldn’t of been simpler to put on or take off. This ring is stretchy enough to not require any lubricant.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Basic Essentials Bunny Enhancer Cock Ring comes with a tiny bullet vibe. It took me a minute to find the on switch, it is a tiny sliding switch on the side. I would of preferred a button, it is rather difficult to slide the switch over to power it on.
The vibrator only has one speed, and it is a high pitched vibration.


The The Basic Essentials Bunny Enhancer is packaged in a basic plastic clam shell. Batteries were included along with spare set.


easy to put on and take off, decent vibrations, I like that it came with extra batteries


the vibe switch was hard to turn on, it didn’t hit my clit just right


This ring might work for others, as I have a hard time finding toys that hit my clit just right. The vibrations were decent for such a small vibrator. The material is really stretchy and will accommodate men of any size.

Basic essentials bunny enhancer - Vibrating penis rings - EdenFantasys

Bend Over Beginners Kit Review

December 9, 2009 14 comments

I won a Babeland affiliate’s contest and was able to review a Bend Over Beginner kit from Tantus. It has the benefit of being an all-inclusive package with harness, two dildos, a vibrating bullet (batteries included), and two changeable o-rings.  One of the first things I noticed when I opened the kit up was how high quality all the materials were.

I only have a little experience with a strap-on, and this one is so much more comfortable than any other that I have worn. The nylon straps do not dig into your skin and it stays in place. Unlike other strap-ons, this one goes around your legs instead of “thong” style. The harness fits up to a 60-inch waist, so even us curvy girls can have some fun.

The included dildos are 100% pure silicone and can be sterilized. They can be cleaned with a 10% bleach solution, boiled, or even thrown in the dishwasher. They feel very durable and I am sure that I will enjoy them for a long time. The kit includes a smaller dildo, that is a little larger than an average finger at 4 ½ inches long and 7/8 inches in diameter. The larger dildo of the two is 5 ½ inches long and 1 ¼ inches in diameter.  My only issue with the dildos is that they are a lint magnet, so you may want to keep them packed away until right before you are ready to use them.

The Bend Over Beginner kit comes with two O rings, a smaller one that fits the included dildos and a larger one so you can use the harness with larger toys. The larger ring fit all of the toys that are designed to be used with another  strap-on that I own.

In the harness, there is a little pocket for the bullet vibrator, so you can receive some pleasurable sensations while wearing the harness. The bullet has a simple button to turn it on and off and it can be accessed through the fabric of the harness. The vibe is reasonably strong on its own, but being inside the pocket, really tones down the powerfulness of it.  Nonetheless, it is still a nice tease.

The Bend Over Beginner kit is packaged in a simple plastic box, but is sturdy enough for long term storage.

I really love this kit and I am happy that I was able to test it out and review it. If you are in the market for a strap on, you can’t go wrong with the  Bend Over Beginner kit.

Red Diamond Princess Vibe by Evolved Novelties Review

December 8, 2009 16 comments

Babeland sent me the Red Diamond Princess Vibe from Evolved Novelties. I cannot get over how cute this baby is. It is made of hard plastic, it is waterproof and it has sparkly diamond rhinestones on the base.  The size is somewhere between a bullet and a traditional vibrator. The RDPV is four inches long, three inches insertable and one inch in diameter.

The controls are super simple, you just turn the base and more you turn, the stronger the vibrations. The vibrations are not very strong though. They are enough to get you started, but not quite enough to finish.

The Red Diamond Princess Vibe was easy to clean, I used antibacterial soap and water. The RDPV has a smooth texture and no odor from the plastic.

This Vibe can be used internally and externally. However, when using internally please use a condom so it is more easily retrieved if it gets stuck or lost.

Pros: The discreet size, the gift/storage tin that it is packaged in, the cute girlie factor, the fact that is it waterproof

Cons: the not so strong vibrations

I enjoyed using this toy and I am glad I was able to add it to my collection.

Mini Gallant Review

November 16, 2009 14 comments


I was recently sent the Mini Gallant from Babeland to review.  This is my first silicone toy, and I believe I am head over heels in love with silicone. The material and construction of this toy are very well made, and it has the highest quality of any toy that I have used to date.  I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with it, and it is water-proof!

Okay, so it feels nice, and it looks nice, but does it FEEL nice? Yes yes yes!

The Mini Gallant has seven different vibrating speeds and three different pulsating functions.  The way the controls work was a little tricky at first, but I quickly learned how to operate the toy.  You hold the + button for a second to turn it on, then you can press it again to go through each speed, once it’s on High, then you hold the + button again for a second to switch to the pulsating functions, then you can press the + button to alternate through those.  When you are on the continuous vibrations, you can use the + button to go higher, or the – button to slow the speed down.  However, when you are using the pulsating functions, you press the – button to back to the highest vibration speed.  To turn the Mini Gallant off, you just hold the – button down for a couple seconds, then it goes to its lowest setting, then you just press the – button once more and it turns off. It’s a nice feature to me because, I can get really worked up on the pulsating vibrations, but I need a more constant vibration to climax, so being able to just press  a button once instead of having to alternate though all the speeds is awesome.  When I am super close to coming, I want the strong vibrations to finish with.

The Mini Gallant is contoured with ripples and it slightly hooks upwards to stimulate the g-spot,  it may be called mini, but it does have a nice thickness of about an inch and a half, and it is about  4 inches long (insertable.) Its small size makes it convenient to store and conceal. The Mini Gallant is made of silicone and hard plastic (the battery department and cap is plastic) and can be cleaned with antibacterial soap and water. Silicone is compatible with any water-based lubricant; however, silicone lubes are not compatible with silicone toys. So if you must use a silicone lube, cover the toy with a condom.

My favorite feature about the Mini Gallant is how quiet it is, I can use in under the blankets, on high with my lover no more than four feet from me, and he cannot hear anything! Well, he can hear me, but not the toy buzzing. This toy is the quietest I have ever seen. I would highly recommend this to anyone in need of a good basic vibrator.



I really appreciate and want to thank Babeland for giving me the opportunity to review their  products.

Playtoy’s Love Bullet Review

October 9, 2009 Leave a comment

I am a big fan of bullets, especially ones that are small, discreet and can pack a nice punch. And the Playtoys Love Bullet is all of the above. I was a little skeptical at first, as this bullet’s remote can feel a little “cheap” and I wasn’t sure how strong the vibrations would be. I tend to use bullets in addition to another form of stimulation, usually penetration. So that is how I decided to try this one out. During the initial testing of the bullet we tried it without any lube, but I recommend adding just a little to it, it will make it slide around much easier. After a little bit of teasing with the bullet we took a little break from it. After a few minutes my lover grabbed it again and held it directly onto my clit, he started with the speed down low, and then worked his way to high. I came very quickly once it was on high.

Material / Texture
Like I mentioned before, the plastic remote felt a bit cheap and lightweight, but after adding the batteries it felt nicer in my hand. It is all hard plastic, except the cord which is covered in soft plastic. The bullet and the remote both have a smooth “velvety” texture.

Design / Shape / Size
The design of the bullet is fairy simple. The bullet is 2 1/4 inches long and 1 1/8 inches wide. The cord had a nice length of 31 inches, which I find nice for partnered play. I feel the remote could be a little smaller, as it might feel too big with someone with smaller hands.

Because of its simplicity, I think it would make a great beginner’s toy, or a nice addition to anyone’s collection.

Functions / Performance / Controls
The controls on this are super simple, it is a slider control, the more you slide the button, the stronger the vibrations. You just slide it all the way down to turn it off.  The vibrations are fairly quiet, on high you can hear it if you are in the same room. But I can’t imagine anyone being able to hear it through a wall or a closed door.

Care and Maintenance
Since this is not a waterproof toy, I do not submerge it in water. I clean it with a dampened towel and some anti-bacterial soap. Just make sure to get all of the soap residue off. You can also use a 10% bleach solution and wipe it down with that and let it air dry. Hard plastic is compatible any waterbased, oil, or silicone lubricant.
The packaging for this wasn’t anything fancy, just the basic clear plastic “clam shell” package. It was very easy to open though, which is always a plus for me. When I get a new toy, I just want to open it and check it out.

You could store the Playtoy’s Love Bullet in the original packaging if you wanted to, but I just added it to my bag of toys.
The Playtoy’s Love Bullet is free from phthalates and latex.

If you use this or any bullet internally, I suggest you use a condom with it. When you remove the bullet, pull the condom not the cord. Pulling bullets out using the cord, will greatly decrease their life-span.

Playtoys love bullet - Bullet and egg vibrators - EdenFantasys

Adam and Eve Coupon code

October 5, 2009 Leave a comment

Was signing up as an affiliate and found this, and wanted to share it with my wonderful readers! 🙂

Adam & Eve Adult Sex Toys

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Fusion Duality from Evolved Novelties Review

October 3, 2009 12 comments

The awesome people from Babeland sent me the Fusion Duality from Evolved Novelties. One of the best things about this toy is, it is actually two toys in one! Each end of the Fusion Duality has two independently vibrating heads: one with a hook that’s perfect for stimulating the G-spot (or prostate) (5″ insertable), the other contoured with exciting bumps and ridges (3″ insertable). With the two motors, there are 16 different combinations of speeds and vibrations. But best of all this baby is waterproof! The Fusion Duality is fairy quiet, but packs a decent punch. You couldn’t hear it being used if you are not in the room.

The Fusion Duality has a nice, almost “etched” texture, but it is really smooth and has a nice weight to it. I like my toys to feel “solid” and sturdy and this one definitely does. I simply adore the way it feels in my hands. It has a nice thickness, it is about an inch and a half thick and at ten and a half inches long, it is easy to grip. One one side, there is a hook that is designed to stimulate the g-spot, and a little nub to hit the clit, but the nub didn’t quite hit mine. On the hook end, the controls have 3 different vibrating speeds. The controls are 2 simple buttons, one for each end. You just press the button to turn it on and then again to navigate through the speeds or patterns. On the opposite side, the curvy, bulbous end ,the motor vibrates different patterns. These patterns are wonderful, I greatly enjoyed everyone one of them. My first time using this, I chose to try it in the bathtub, and while the sparks didn’t fly in there, it was the small bathtub’s fault. Once I got out and continued in the bedroom, things started heating up quickly. I came twice and called it a night.

The only con about it is if you are using both motors at the same time, it is rather difficult to turn off. You have to cycle through all the speeds and vibrations to turn it off and sometimes it is confusing which end is actually on, especially if you happened to be in a hurry to turn it off. I wouldn’t recommend using this where there is a chance you may be disturbed or caught. (well unless that is what you are hoping for).

The Fusion Duality is made of ABS plastic and does not contain phthalates. It is easy to clean with soap and water. I store mine in the nifty box that it came in. It is a rectangular aluminum box, with a black velvet inside. It looks nice and it is convenient.

I definitely enjoy this toy and recommend it as a nice addition to any collection.