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Stock Up & Save Event at Babeland :D

October 7, 2009 Leave a comment

I have to admit, I really enjoy giving hand-jobs. It is usually how we finish up sex. I’ve almost mastered giving dry and lubed up hand-jobs, but I think we both prefer the wet, lubed ones. It feels better to him, and its easier on me. Its less strain on my arm muscles, so I can have a more steady pace.
We’ve recently tried Stroke 29, and it was an instant favorite.

Babeland is having a Stock Up & Save event, so Stroke 29 is on sale.

I just want people to try it, because I know that they will really like it.


Stroke 29 Masturbation Cream

October 6, 2009 Leave a comment

I was given the opportunity to review Stroke 29 masturbation cream recently. Of course this was to use on my lover, not myself. This product claims to not be sticky, and to stay exactly where you put it. The Stroke 29 cream does just that! We really loved this product!
I’ve been more enthusiastic with my hand jobs and he’s enjoying the results. The cream has almost no smell and it is about the texture of facial cream. I’ve found that about a quarter sized about is just about perfect to get the job done. I haven’t had to reapply the cream any after I get started. It doesn’t drip or soak into the skin. It is nice to not have to stop and get more lube to finish. I tend to get into a rhythm and having to stop, throws me off. The best thing about this though, is my hands and arms do not tire as quickly, compared to other lubes we have tried in the past.
Stroke 29 contains a few oils, so it is not compatible with condoms. I have not personally tried this with my girly bits, as I try to be very cautious when it comes to what I use down there. This is marketed as a male masturbation aid, not as lube. So I cannot recommend this for use on females. But girlies, you should get this to use on your man, he will love it!