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Crush of the Week

January 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Another new “Blank of the Week” posts,

Her name is Demonica Demorte and she is a model. I instantly fell in love with her long red hair. I love red heads. (I fixed the link, sorry!)

The lovely Miss Sasha Grey <3<3<3

December 2, 2009 Leave a comment

My new crush…so many naughty things I would do to her

The Hot Fat Girl Revolution and HNT

October 9, 2009 9 comments

I’ve recently been introduced to the Hot Fat Girl Revolution. I first read about it on Dangerous Lilly’s blog, and checked out other that are participating. I was really excited to join in! It really makes me happy to see people taking a stand. Having curves shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of. Of course we all have are insecure days, but just remember, women with curves are beautiful, not in spite of the curves, but because of them. The message is simple, just because you are fat, chubby, overweight, a bbw, or voluptuous, doesn’t mean you aren’t sexy.

I am joining the Revolution…

BECAUSE being a hot fat girl is a lot of work and is undervalued or unrecognized.

Because a fat girl still has to pay more money for uglier clothes or spend 11 hours at the thrift store to find anything hot to wear.

Because girls are dieting at the age of nine.

Because fat hatred is a money-making industry.

Because I am tired of being ignored, invisible, de-sexualized and told that I have such a pretty face.

Because it’s not fat that kills, it’s fear of fat.

For all that and more I am a part of the HOT FAT GIRL REVOLUTION!
Would you like to join in? Just write a post about it and add a sexy photo of yourself. Wear whatever it is that makes you feel “VaVaVoom” and shows of your sexiness. And please link to the original poster

It took me a few shots to get one I was satisfied with, but here it is…


Here are a few others who have joined as well! If you join in, please let me know and I will add your name as well.

Lilly from Dangerous Lilly

Lilikka from Servitude: One Pet’s Journey

Ashley from Pussy Goes Grrr


BBW Sexaholic