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Pink Basic Essentials Bunny Enhancer Review

January 7, 2010 7 comments

Basic Essentials Bunny Enhancer Cock Ring by Cal Exotics

This is a basic “rabbit style” cock ring. I was very interested to try it out. I commonly use a vibe during sex, but a cock ring that vibrates sounds like an awesome idea.

To use this, he attempted to put it over his cock and balls, but fit more comfortably with it on his cock only. Once it was on and secure at the base of his cock, he turned it on. I immediately touched him and I could feel the vibrations all through his shaft.

Material / Texture

The Basic Essentials Bunny Enhancer has a jelly like texture, and it is made of TPR. It is really stretchy, I could easily fit this over a soda can. The cock ring has several holes in various places where you can put the bullet vibrator.

It had a slight plastic smell, but like many toys that disappeared after washing it

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

I had high hopes for this ring, but the rabbit just did not hit my clit properly. I had to hold it in place, and that kind of defeats the purpose.
However the ring did fit my lover well, and couldn’t of been simpler to put on or take off. This ring is stretchy enough to not require any lubricant.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The Basic Essentials Bunny Enhancer Cock Ring comes with a tiny bullet vibe. It took me a minute to find the on switch, it is a tiny sliding switch on the side. I would of preferred a button, it is rather difficult to slide the switch over to power it on.
The vibrator only has one speed, and it is a high pitched vibration.


The The Basic Essentials Bunny Enhancer is packaged in a basic plastic clam shell. Batteries were included along with spare set.


easy to put on and take off, decent vibrations, I like that it came with extra batteries


the vibe switch was hard to turn on, it didn’t hit my clit just right


This ring might work for others, as I have a hard time finding toys that hit my clit just right. The vibrations were decent for such a small vibrator. The material is really stretchy and will accommodate men of any size.

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My First Cock Ring

January 4, 2010 12 comments

This was the first cock ring that we’ve used. It seemed simple enough to not be intimidating.
We experimented with using it just around his shaft, and then around his balls and shaft. We learned that the around both his shaft and balls gave better results. The ring made him harder, and made his erection last longer.
I had to stop the fun, because I got a cramp in my leg, and usually he softens some whenever that happens, but not thing time. He was still as hard as he was when we started.

Material / Texture

The ring had a slight plastic smell upon opening the package. But after washing it before it’s initial use, the smell was gone.
The TitanMen Stretch-to-Fit Cock ring appears small, but it is super stretchy and smooth. It has a slight rubbery texture.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

This ring’s design is super simple, it is a nice basic cock ring. Lubricant makes this ring so much easier to put on and to take off. My lover said it was a little strange feeling to wear it at first, but it was comfortable after he was used to the feeling of the pressure.
Because of its super stretchy material, it will fit many differently sized men.


The TPR material that the TitanMen Stretch-to-Fit Cock ring is made of, cannot be sterilized. But you can clean it easily with some antibacterial soap and water.

Pros The rings simplicity, its super stretchiness

ConsPerhaps adding some simple instructions for the ones that are new to cock rings

I am really happy with the TitanMen Stretch-to-Fit Cock ring, it is really simple to use for a beginner or a novice. The material has the perfect elasticity to fit men of all sizes.

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Mini Nipple Suckers Review

December 8, 2009 12 comments

I just tried out these Mini Nipple Suckers by California Exotics, sent to me from Eden Fantasys.

The Mini Nipple Suckers from California Exotics are pretty self-explanatory. You use them to suck your nipples before sex, during sex, or anytime you feel like enjoying the wonderful sensation. They create a suction that is gentle enough for those that are new to nipple play. They heighten your nipple sensitivity and make nipple play simply more enjoyable.

Material / Texture

The Mini Nipple Suckers are made of a flexible PVC plastic that is Phthalates free. They have a slightly “new plastic” smell, but it is not too overbearing. The texture of the PVC is really smooth and has a shiny appearance.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

They have a slightly pointed dome shape to them. To put them on you squeeze the bottom near the opening and then put them against the nipple and let go. It may take a couple attempts to get a good suction, but after a few uses I got the hang of using them.

These are a bit larger than the average nipple, so one size will fit anyone. I tested them out on a few different people and was able to get them to stick on everyone.

Functions / Performance / Controls

These did create a nice suction, not too strong, but powerful enough to stay in place until I wanted to remove them.

These can be used anywhere on the body where you might like some suction. But be careful, they WILL leave a hicky.


Easy to use, good suction, nice quality


I don’t care for the smell of the plastic


These are a great product. The Mini Nippple Suckers are really simple, but more is less with these. They are easy to use and do exactly what they are designed to do. The gentle suction heightens your sensitivity and just feels good.

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Waterproof Purple Pleasure

November 30, 2009 Leave a comment

I was a little skeptical of the Dynamic Duo vibrating X-10 at first, the shape is unlike anything I have owned. But nevertheless, I was excited to try it out. The X-10 can be used vaginally or anally, I only used it vaginally though, if it is used anally, I recommend using the base that it comes with just so it doesn’t get lost or stuck inside.

Material / Texture

Dynamic Duo vibrating X-10 is made of PVC and is very smooth and hard, but between the “beads,” it is flexible. I really like that this toy has no smell whatsoever.

Design / Shape / Size

Although I was unsure of the shape of the X-10, I really enjoyed the stimulation of the beads. The size is just right for me, it is 8 inches long with 6 ¾ inches insertable. The X-10 has a diameter of 1 ¼ inches.

The X-10 has a removable suction cup base, that I tested on various surfaces and it has quite a hold. I also tested the base with a few other toys I have, and it fit most of them.

The size and shape of the X-10 would be good for beginners that want something a little different but not too intimidating.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The X-10’s controls are super simple. A single button on the bottom to turn it on and then alternate through the 3 speeds. I wasn’t expecting this toy to be very powerful, it only takes 2 AAA batteries. But fortunately I was pleasantly surprised. I could of come on the lowest setting, but for reviewing’s sake I tried out all 3 speeds. I came so hard with the X-10 that I was having mini “after shocks” for a few minutes. Even though the X-10 is pretty powerful, it is not noisy. You could probably hear it in the same room if you tried to listen for it, but not through a wall or door.

I also used the X-10 in the shower, and it performed nicely. The flexibility made it easy to use while standing up.

Care and Maintenance

The PVC material of the X-10 is easy to clean with some antibacterial soap and water, however there are a couple grooves where the beads meet the shaft and those are a little harder to clean. The X-10 is compatible with water and silicone based lubricants.


The X-10 arrived in a basic cardboard box, with no instructions. But, the X-10 is simple enough to not need instructions.


Strong vibrations, simple controls, and easy to clean.


Other than the slightly difficult to clean grooves on the beads, I have no cons


The X-10 really did exceed my expectations, it has a comfortable length and girth. The really strong vibrations were an unexpected surprise. The removable suction cup base can make for some interesting position and experiences. The toy is simple to use, but less is definitely more when it comes to this toy.

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