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Male Chastity Devices

September 2, 2009 12 comments

I was browsing on a sex product site and came across something that caught me eye. It was a plastic, lockable male chastity device. I’ve seen leather versions before, but never gave it much thought. I just kind of figured it was another bondage item that I probably wouldn’t be interested in too much. But for some reason I was interested in it today, I like the idea of being able to “lock up” my lover’s cock and he can only become free when I say so.

Broadly defined, a chastity is any locking appliance (device or belt) that prevents the wearer engaging in sexual intercourse or masturbation.  Chastity originally started for women but today chastity is heavily geared towards males.  A chastity belt “primarily” prevents access to the mans penis, but does not necessarily prevent all orgasms.

With the design of most devices, it is extremely uncomfortable, sometimes painful for a man to obtain an erection, there is simply not enough room for it.  Some men report that they are able to achieve what amounts to an orgasm without ejaculation. Nocturnal erections can be a bit painful at first but soon the man’s body becomes accustomed.

There are some devices that are designed for long term wear, there should be no problem wearing it for days, weeks, months or some accounts say up to 12 or more months (some of these ‘long term’ accounts are probably fictional).

Shortly after discovering the page full of devices and researching it more, I asked my lover, “Would you ever let me put one on you?” To which he replied lovingly, “Fuck you.” I couldn’t help but respond “Only after I decide to remove it”

If you are interested in purchasing your own chastity device, I can’t recommend Extreme Restraints enough .