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Onye Fleur Review

I was really excited to be able to try out and review the Onye Fleur by Big Tease Toys, that was sent to me from Babeland.

This vibrator is really a piece of art, it is beautiful. The grip has swirly designs and the rest is a sleek slightly metallic deep red. It is very smooth and is very aesthetically pleasing.

The Onye Fleur is available in red and purple, I received it in red. The Onye Fleur is 4 1/2 inches long and has a diameter of 1 1/2 inches. It may be inserted, but it is designed to be a clitoral toy.  I really like the size of this vibrator, it has just enough length where you can easily grip it, yet it is small enough to be stored discreetly. It also features a rubber band towards the back of the shaft that makes it even easier to hold on to.

The Onye Fleur has a single button control, with 3 speeds. Now I know that it seems that I keep reviewing stronger and stronger vibes, and I do. lol. This baby is TOO STRONG for me. The medium speed is as powerful as some of my other toys highest speeds. When I was using it, I know I could come on the medium speed very easily. But I wanted to try the highest speed. I came almost imediately after changing the speed, but it was soo powerful. The muscles in my thighs, calves and ass all tightened up so tight that it ruined the orgasm. I did come, but it was put to a end very quickly.

The next morning, I tried it again, this time not bothering with highest speed. I really enjoyed myself this time.

Now this toy is not perfect, I do have a few issues. First, the second time I went to use it, it didn’t want to turn on right away. I kept pressing the button and it came on after a few tries. I hope it isn’t a sign of future trouble with it. I will update this post to report any more issues with turning it on in the future. Second, the metallic finish scratches very easily. You should be very, very careful with it, and you shouldn’t get any scratches. I accidentally dropped mine and now its a little scratched.

Other than those two issues, I thoroughly enjoyed the Onye Fleur.

  1. January 5, 2010 at 6:01 pm

    The fact that it’s being finnicky worries me… I got an Onye back in the day and it was DOA. I’m wary of them now.

    • danidarling
      January 5, 2010 at 10:13 pm

      I’ve played with it a little more, and it does turn on, it just takes a few button pushes

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