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Last Night

We stumbled into the bedroom, both very tired and worn out from the whole eventful night. He stripped down and got into the bed, while I undressed and then removed my jewelry and makeup. After getting comfortable and ready to go to sleep, I joined him in the warm sea of blankets and pillows. He immediately cuddled up and began kissing me. The long lingering kisses that mean more than “goodnight.” I was tired, but became aroused immediately. It had been some time since we had been able to fool around.

After a few moments of passionate kissing, he moved to my breasts. He begins to lustfully suck and tease my nipples. He slowly slipped his hand between my thighs, softly caressing me. I was wearing only panties, and the barrier that they created was pure torture. I wanted to feel everything he was doing to me. He finally moved my panties to the side and began circling my clit with his fingertips. I felt immediate waves of pleasure course though my entire body. How can such a simple touch of his fingers feel so amazing? Soon he began to dip his fingers inside of me, slowly then quickly building up his pace. I was in a completely euphoric state. I started to come, I was so incredibly horny and was enjoying every movement that he made. I wanted to scream, but had to be quiet. All I could do was grab a pillow to smother my moans.

I sure do hope we get some more time to ourselves very soon.

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