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Red Diamond Princess Vibe by Evolved Novelties Review

Babeland sent me the Red Diamond Princess Vibe from Evolved Novelties. I cannot get over how cute this baby is. It is made of hard plastic, it is waterproof and it has sparkly diamond rhinestones on the base.  The size is somewhere between a bullet and a traditional vibrator. The RDPV is four inches long, three inches insertable and one inch in diameter.

The controls are super simple, you just turn the base and more you turn, the stronger the vibrations. The vibrations are not very strong though. They are enough to get you started, but not quite enough to finish.

The Red Diamond Princess Vibe was easy to clean, I used antibacterial soap and water. The RDPV has a smooth texture and no odor from the plastic.

This Vibe can be used internally and externally. However, when using internally please use a condom so it is more easily retrieved if it gets stuck or lost.

Pros: The discreet size, the gift/storage tin that it is packaged in, the cute girlie factor, the fact that is it waterproof

Cons: the not so strong vibrations

I enjoyed using this toy and I am glad I was able to add it to my collection.

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