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Mini Nipple Suckers Review

I just tried out these Mini Nipple Suckers by California Exotics, sent to me from Eden Fantasys.

The Mini Nipple Suckers from California Exotics are pretty self-explanatory. You use them to suck your nipples before sex, during sex, or anytime you feel like enjoying the wonderful sensation. They create a suction that is gentle enough for those that are new to nipple play. They heighten your nipple sensitivity and make nipple play simply more enjoyable.

Material / Texture

The Mini Nipple Suckers are made of a flexible PVC plastic that is Phthalates free. They have a slightly “new plastic” smell, but it is not too overbearing. The texture of the PVC is really smooth and has a shiny appearance.

Shape / Design / Size / Fit

They have a slightly pointed dome shape to them. To put them on you squeeze the bottom near the opening and then put them against the nipple and let go. It may take a couple attempts to get a good suction, but after a few uses I got the hang of using them.

These are a bit larger than the average nipple, so one size will fit anyone. I tested them out on a few different people and was able to get them to stick on everyone.

Functions / Performance / Controls

These did create a nice suction, not too strong, but powerful enough to stay in place until I wanted to remove them.

These can be used anywhere on the body where you might like some suction. But be careful, they WILL leave a hicky.


Easy to use, good suction, nice quality


I don’t care for the smell of the plastic


These are a great product. The Mini Nippple Suckers are really simple, but more is less with these. They are easy to use and do exactly what they are designed to do. The gentle suction heightens your sensitivity and just feels good.

Mini nipple suckers - Nipple pump - Adult toys for woman on EdenFantasys

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