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Waterproof Purple Pleasure

I was a little skeptical of the Dynamic Duo vibrating X-10 at first, the shape is unlike anything I have owned. But nevertheless, I was excited to try it out. The X-10 can be used vaginally or anally, I only used it vaginally though, if it is used anally, I recommend using the base that it comes with just so it doesn’t get lost or stuck inside.

Material / Texture

Dynamic Duo vibrating X-10 is made of PVC and is very smooth and hard, but between the “beads,” it is flexible. I really like that this toy has no smell whatsoever.

Design / Shape / Size

Although I was unsure of the shape of the X-10, I really enjoyed the stimulation of the beads. The size is just right for me, it is 8 inches long with 6 ¾ inches insertable. The X-10 has a diameter of 1 ¼ inches.

The X-10 has a removable suction cup base, that I tested on various surfaces and it has quite a hold. I also tested the base with a few other toys I have, and it fit most of them.

The size and shape of the X-10 would be good for beginners that want something a little different but not too intimidating.

Functions / Performance / Controls

The X-10’s controls are super simple. A single button on the bottom to turn it on and then alternate through the 3 speeds. I wasn’t expecting this toy to be very powerful, it only takes 2 AAA batteries. But fortunately I was pleasantly surprised. I could of come on the lowest setting, but for reviewing’s sake I tried out all 3 speeds. I came so hard with the X-10 that I was having mini “after shocks” for a few minutes. Even though the X-10 is pretty powerful, it is not noisy. You could probably hear it in the same room if you tried to listen for it, but not through a wall or door.

I also used the X-10 in the shower, and it performed nicely. The flexibility made it easy to use while standing up.

Care and Maintenance

The PVC material of the X-10 is easy to clean with some antibacterial soap and water, however there are a couple grooves where the beads meet the shaft and those are a little harder to clean. The X-10 is compatible with water and silicone based lubricants.


The X-10 arrived in a basic cardboard box, with no instructions. But, the X-10 is simple enough to not need instructions.


Strong vibrations, simple controls, and easy to clean.


Other than the slightly difficult to clean grooves on the beads, I have no cons


The X-10 really did exceed my expectations, it has a comfortable length and girth. The really strong vibrations were an unexpected surprise. The removable suction cup base can make for some interesting position and experiences. The toy is simple to use, but less is definitely more when it comes to this toy.

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