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Tenga Egg Review

A few days ago I received the Tenga Egg from Babeland for review. I wasn’t really sure what to expect at first.

As soon as it was delivered I couldn’t wait to open the package to cure my curiosity. I thought the packaging was really cute, it looks like an Easter egg!


The Tenga Egg is small and discreet, but I soon learned that people are very nosy when it comes to small cute packages, I had the egg on the coffee table and several friends would open it up and play with it, then ask me, “What the heck is this?” After telling people what it was, everyone wanted one.


The Tenga Egg can be used as a masturbation sleeve, or you can flip it inside out and use on on a vibrator such as the Hitachi Magic Wand, or Acuvibe.


The Egg comes with a single portion of lubricant that was a bit sticky, but it got the job done. The wavy texture of the Egg that we received was very soft and velvety, the little “wave nubs” inside of the egg created a unique sensation.


The Tenga Egg is made of super stretchy Thermoplastic Elastomer, it is super easy to clean and is very durable. During use it seemed like it was thin in some places, but we were quite vigorous with it, and it held up well.


Overall, it is a good product, has a nice texture and completely adorable packaging.

(They would make awesome naughty stocking stuffers)




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