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No sex to write about

My current living situation has left little possibility of sex recently, and it is driving me insane. I have my toys, but I miss the lust, the passion. As much as I enjoy my toys, it is just not the same. I miss the feeling of having him on top of me or the feeling of me being on top of him.

We kiss and cuddle up of course, but no naughtiness. Our bedroom is right next to his parent’s room and there is ALWAYS somebody home. I know that they know we have sex, which is not a big deal, but I cannot get into it at all if someone else is sleeping that close, or roaming the house. I cannot let loose and I get so paranoid that someone will walk in or something stupid like that. I wish I could just get over it, but I highly doubt I will anytime soon.
I feel like the lack of sex is affecting us both, we seem to be a bit more grumpy and irritable.

When there was warmer weather, we would swim in the pool every night and naughtiness would always ensue. I really miss those late night swims. Sex in water is amazing, being practically weightless makes positions easier to stay in and it is less strain, so lots more stamina for both of us. However, unfortunately, it is way too chilly to swim now. At least 6 more months before the pool is warm enough to get into.
I am so over this no sex thing, it sucks, and somethings gotta give.

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