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Thumblina from Vibratex Review

Babeland sent me the Thumblina Rabbit style vibrator from Vibratex. I was a little skeptical, as some rabbits don’t hit me just right and require me to hold everything in place. But this one seems as if it was designed just for me.

It has dual action, the “shaft” of the toy swirls and the clitoral stimulator vibrates. Each action has its own sliding adjuster. This toy is very easy to operate, the more you slide the control, it vibrates stronger or swirls faster.

The head of the Thumblina is very bulbous, and the shaft has lots of tiny nodules, but they are not hard. The clitoral stimulation part has larger nodules on the underside, and a wide tickler.

The Thumblina is made of Elastomer, which is porous and cannot be disinfected. It easily cleans up with some soap and water. Since it is porous, you can use condoms when sharing this toy with others, or to just make cleanup easier. The Thumblina is a little bit smaller than most rabbits, but packs a full sized vibrator punch. It is 3 ¾ inches insert able and 1 ½ inches wide. I really like that it is discrete and easy to store.

I used the toy solo my first time testing it out, and it was a very intense experience. The vibrations were very strong; I do not even think I used it at full speed. Overall, I really enjoy the Thumblina, but wish it were made out of something non-porous such as silicone.

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