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Best Sex Positions for Maximum Clitoral Stimulation

Here are the top three positions that are supposed to be the best for some clitoral action. I think I’m going to test these out and see works out. Might take a little time for me to actually test these out, but once I do, I will let you know how it goes 🙂

I’d love to hear opinions on them if you have tried any of  the positions before.

Sex Position #1 Basset Hound

Rear entry or “doggy style” positions are great for clitoral stimulation because they generally offer easy access to her clitoris for both of you. One of the better rear entry positions is the “Basset Hound. For this position you are going to want for her to be on all fours with her partner holding on to her bottom or sides. Then the man is going to want to have his knees on either side of her buttocks.

It is worth mentioning that this position requires a certain degree of flexibility in both partners hips and may not be comfortable for some; however, if both of you are flexible enough to get in this position it is well worth the effort.

Sex Position #2 Amazon

Any sex position that finds the woman on top is going to allow her to find the perfect spot to grind her clitoris on the man that she is with and the Amazon is one of the better positions to do exactly that. The Amazon is not the easiest of positions to get into but it does give the woman a sense of control that she wouldn’t have in other positions. To get into this position the woman simply squats over her partner while resting on the back of his legs, which will be towards his chest in order to expose them at a very interesting angle.

Sex Position #3 Amazon Reverse

The Amazon Reverse gives a woman all of the benefits and advantages of the regular Amazon while also allowing her to easily give her clitoris additional stimulation if necessary. A woman will get in the Amazon Reverse the same way she would with the regular Amazon with the only difference being she will be facing away from him as opposed to towards him.

Bonus Tip for Even More Clitoral Stimulation:

Applying a high quality female stimulating or arousal gel that contains L-Arginine underneath the hood of her clitoris is a simple and easy way to enhance her sexual experience that will ultimately lead to some of the most amazing mind blowing orgasms that she can only begin to imagine.


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