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Foreplay is Important!

They did a study where they found that most women could reach orgasm if they had more than 23 minutes of foreplay. So really even if you guys knew like nothing about sexuality, if you just took your time to touch her, to connect with her, and to pleasure her, you’d be doing great.

The level and the depth to which you connect with your woman is directly proportional to the level of her orgasm.

This shouldn’t be a surprise for anybody – it’s not like we never heard this from women. But sometimes we need reminders for what’s really most important.

Now in foreplay I usually use kissing as a foundation. Women love kissing because it makes them feel connected to the man, once again. It’s one of their core needs and fantasies.

So as you kiss her, see what kind of touch you can incorporate. You can be touching her cheeks. Women love to have their face held as you’re kissing her. You can be stroking just lightly her scalp while you’re kissing her. You can be playing with her ears while kissing her. You can be circling her lower back while kissing her.

Now all of these are aspects of sensory overload where she is experiencing the kiss and all these other sensations are coming in. You could be lightly brushing over the inside of her thigh while you’re kissing her, and then move down to kiss her neck, moving organically from one area to another.

A woman’s whole body is an erogenous zone. Yes, there are definitely more nerve endings at some areas, but t if you can create a symphony of sensory pleasure for her, she is going to be in heaven because a woman really wants to be touched.

So basically all of the foreplay techniques get incorporated into how you are making love with her. The sexual techniques, once again it’s like yes, each one is an isolated technique, and yet the key to mastery is how do you combine these techniques while paying attention to her responses that brings out her deepest pleasure.


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